A Demon Tells Me To Not Have Sex

A few days ago, a woman came up to me and asked if I could help her pass on a message.

Now, naturally, the answer here should have been a “no”. I don’t know this woman. I don’t owe her anything. For all I know, this ‘message’ could be some organized crime thing or something. Best to stay out of it really.

I could have just walked away, but I seem to have inherited that ridiculous British politeness. So before I had the chance to process her bizarre request, I blurted out a “sure” and took my headphones out to hear her better. Rookie mistake.

The woman had a very thick accent and started speaking ridiculously quickly, so I had no idea what she was actually saying. All I knew was that she seemed to be telling me to read the bible. She then ended with “And you shouldn’t lose your virginity. Stay single. And don’t have sex before marriage. Okay?”

To which I stared wide eyed at her before realizing that she was expecting a response. So I gave her a quick nod and she walked away smiling.

Now, despite her manner of speaking reminding me of demonic possessions, there was one thing that really stuck in my mind about what she had said;

I am twenty one years old. Do I really look that much like a single virgin that she was so sure of her assumption?

It almost made me feel like I have a big neon sign over my head that reads “Virgin over here!”

It was a weird assumption for demon-lady to make, because the normal assumption is that everyone my age has had sex. Hell, the cultural assumption is that most fourteen year olds have lost their virginity. Never mind twenty-one year olds.

So why haven’t I?

Because my faith tells me not to? No. I’ve never really been one for religion.

Because I’ve made a pledge of chastity? Oh god no. The idea of chastity balls and pledging your virginity to your father is just too creepy for me.

Really, the simple reason is that I’m yet to find someone who interests me like that. So I’ve never really felt the need. I’ve never even kissed a guy before (which is pretty depressing to admit, but the truth none-the-less. Also, one of the reasons why I love the movie Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore so much).

And as I get older, I find myself more and more reluctant to take that kind of risk.

Of course, some of my friends try to spin it in a positive light. One told me rather cheerfully that she could get a fortune for me if she sold me on the black market since virgins are such a rarity these days.

But the fact of the matter remains that my disinterest in experimenting with men who don’t interest me means that the likelihood of me dying alone is pretty high.

I’d become a crazy cat lady if I wasn’t so allergic.


6 thoughts on “A Demon Tells Me To Not Have Sex

  1. acetheist

    Your friend sounds rather creepy. But as for the rest — about never being interested in anyone enough to bother — that sounds a lot like me. Nothing wrong with “dying alone”, as you put it. You’re not the only asexual out there.

  2. Charli

    Not just virgins who get mocked. Us aces who were sexually active in the past, for the sake of our allosexual partners, but now choose to remain celibate (because we want to, of course!) also get bashed. Essentially, if you are not sexing, or attempting you, society thinks we’re sick or something. WTF. Why can’t I choose to do with my body as a I please, even if that means I don’t give a sh!t to f*ck other people?

    1. kellisina Post author

      Exactly. It’s bizarre that being actively sexual is a part of being ‘normal’ and if you defer from the norm then there’s supposedly something wrong with you. It’s pretty depressing to hear. Luckily the asexual community is pretty awesome.

      1. Charli

        Some aces still have sex, from what I hear. Personally, I hate it and don’t engage myself, because it always felt mechanical and painful. But I am still very sex-positive. People who pressure us to remain celibate, or demand that we constantly be sexually available, are both in the wrong. Our body, our choice. Not society’s.

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