Badass Ballet

I was once told that dance isn’t really a sport because it’s far too ‘dainty’.

Let me tell you a thing about dancing; it is the most hard-core sport in existence.

I have a pretty good comparative view point on this, because as well as being a dancer, I’m a black belt and have spent years training in boxing. Unlike the typical contact sports, the pain experienced during dancing is entirely our own fault. It’s not like hoping that you won’t get tackled, or not being quick enough to avoid a punch. Dancers know exactly what kind of pain they’re putting themselves through, and we do it glady. Why? Because we’re all freaking masochists, that’s why.

Without a doubt, the most painful form of dance is ballet, a style renowned for being sweet and elegant. There’s a reason that when you watch a professional ballet the ballerinas rarely smile. It’s because their feet are screaming at them to stop.

Ballet is also the style of dance where women can endure a great deal more pain than their male counterparts can. In ballet, the men tend to use a great deal of upper body strength in order to lift the women and you rarely come across men who are willing to wear pointe shows. And there’s a very obvious reason for this; pointe shoes are secretly torture devices. You cram your foot into what is essentially just a block of wood with very minimum padding, then rise up to carry your entire body weight on the tips of your toes.

That, my dear readers, is a whole new level of badass. And anyone who claims that dancing isn’t a sport should be strapped into a pair of point shoes and made to dance until their feet fall off, a punishment befitting of the Grimm Brothers.


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