Tricks to Coping with Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Raynaud’s phenomenon is reduced blood flow in response to the cold (or stress) which causes discoloration of the extremities such as fingers and toes.


After some researching on the subject, I figured out that I had this a few years ago and after a few years of having the circulation cut from my fingers, I’ve developed quite a few tips for dealing with it;

Cut out the caffeine – I’ve always found that hot drinks help, since you’re holding onto something warm. Just try to avoid drinks with a high caffeine content. I don’t really follow this guideline, but I have cut back a lot. I don’t drink energy drinks anymore and I get decaffeinated tea bags. Since doing this, I’ve found that my hands don’t go numb as quickly and that decaf tea actually tastes better than the regular stuff.

Always have a pair of gloves in your bag– During the winter, I wear a pair of close fitting gloves and then have a bigger thermal pair in my bag just in case the weathers bad. I’d recommend having a pair in your bag all year round, just in case.I’m pretty forgetful so I own countless amounts of gloves so that I have a pair permanently in each bag.

Invest in hand warmers– This one requires trial and error. I found that for the 30 minute walk to my classes, one pair of hand warmers would work, but I’d also need to keep a pair in my bag to use on the way home.Make sure you get ones that fit underneath your gloves, a lot of them are way to big to allow you to wear gloves over them. I have these ones, and I’ve found that they work great;


If anyone has Raynaud’s Phenomenon, have these tricks worked for you? Let me know if there are any other tips that you guys have used.


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