Harry Potter: Important Quotes

Some of you may be aware that Durham University runs a class on Harry Potter entitled Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion and in my second year of university I was lucky enough to take this class. For our first formative assessment, one of the questions was:

What is the most important line of conversation in the Harry Potter Series?

For this assignment, I chose the line: “Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs, purveyors of aids to magical mischief-makers are proud to present The Marauder’s Map.” (Prisoner of Azkaban. Page 144).

Now, I’m under no illusion that this is the most important line in the entire series. However, this was a formative assignment (which means it didn’t count towards my grade) and it was the perfect opportunity to write a 2,000 word essay about the Marauders and how important they were.

After the assignment our lecturer, the brilliant Dr Martin Richardson, gave us a list of all of the quotes that students had chosen to write about, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites:

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak s we are divided. Lord Voldemort’s gift for spreading discord and enmity is great. We can fight it only be showing an equally strong bond of friendship and trust. Differences of habit and language are nothing if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.”

“It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

“Dark and difficult times lie ahead. Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.”

“Your mother died to save you. If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love”

“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living. And, above all, those who live without love.”

Interestingly, most of the best quotes from the stories come from Albus Dumbledore, which really marks him out as being the wise, sage-like character.

“Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter’s son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter.” – Severus Snape.

Brilliant plot twist and I do love how this line is executed in the film.

“Kill the spare.” -Voldemort

This quote doesn’t seem particularly significant at first glance, but it did mark a dramatic shift in the narrative. It was the first time that the reader witnessed a characters death. Previously they had purely been mentioned in passing, such as the deaths of Lily and James. This was the first time that a good character didn’t get a happy ending, and it significantly changed the tone of the novels.

“He’ll be famous- a legend- I wouldn’t be surprised if today was known as Harry Potter Day in future- there will be books written about Harry- every child in our world will know his name!” – Minerva McGonagall

I love this one, because when she wrote it Rowling had no idea that this would be true in our world as well. Practically every child knows who Harry Potter is, and his fame extended past the fictional universe and into the real world.

Those are just a couple that I picked out, but let me know what your favorite quotes are and why you love them so much. I’d love to hear from you guys!

Mischief Managed.


7 thoughts on “Harry Potter: Important Quotes

  1. Stephanie Gallon

    “But I won’t deny that I am a werewolf.”

    Moony’s lines are always important to me, but this is the one that really gets to me. He could have denied it. He had hidden it for the entire year. But when confronted, he’ll never hide who he is.

    And look at how Ron reacts. Natural prejudice exists in these characters, and Remus still admits to it.

    I do have a million queer reading of Remus John Lupin, and I’ll be honest, this is the crux of many of them.

    1. kellisina Post author

      It is interesting that one of the golden trio is one of the most prejudiced characters in the entire series. The more I think about it, the less I like Ron Weasley.

      I can see you easily writing an essay on prejudice using this quote :’)

      1. Stephanie Gallon

        Is that a challenge? Cos I totally will.

        I think it’s interesting that it’s only him that’s portrayed that way. The pure-blood. I don’t know. It would have been interesting to see Hermione’s reaction to discovering it.

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