Big Bang Theory: Social Anxiety

I’ve already talked about how terribly the writers of Big Bang Theory tackle asexuality in this blog post. But there is another major issue with the Big Bang Theory; the way they tackle social anxiety.

In the episode ‘The Bon Voyage Reaction’ Raj attempts to integrate his girlfriend Lucy into his group of friends, despite her problems with social anxiety. Whilst introducing his Lucy to Amy, Raj says “you can’t put her on the spot like that, she hates being put on the spot.” And then instantly ‘puts her on the spot’. This isn’t funny, it’s cruel. And Raj when pushes the subject regarding their relationship status, Lucy gets so overwhelmed that she locks herself in the bathroom, which Raj instantly dismisses as not being serious, despite the fact that she’s having a break-down.

He even interrupts when Amy is sympathising with Lucy’s condition, saying that; “You can’t talk about social anxiety with someone who’s socially anxious, it makes them anxious”. This isn’t clever wordplay, it’s Raj feeling like he knows what’s best for Lucy and taking away her voice on the subject, which it likely to make her condition worse.

One of the main thing that upsets me is that throughout her appearances, Lucy’s anxiety isn’t taken seriously, it’s just another horrendously offensive punchline.

In the same episode, Lucy understandably breaks up with Raj, who has been putting way too much pressure on her to attend a party, and she’s treated like the bad guy. We’re supposed to feel sorry for Raj, despite the fact that it is 100% his own fault. Raj even gets a happy ending, as towards the episode he is suddenly cured from his inability to speak to women with absolutely no explanation. So they you go folks, have a social anxiety disorder? Endure a break up. That’ll solve anything.

I really need to stop watching big bang theory. It just upsets me…


6 thoughts on “Big Bang Theory: Social Anxiety

  1. Nunya Business

    I quite frankly hope that this is the last season of Big Bang Theory. If it weren’t for my own family’s preoccupation with it, I wouldn’t be as exposed to it as I am. Instead, they insist on watching the reruns of this show every weekday night during dinner on MyTV Network. If it were up to me, though, I’d leave my TV off whenever this show was on (or just watch another network other than CBS) and forget that it even existed, hoping that it would die within a few moths’ time.

    Personally, I’ve never really cared much for the show in the beginning, and I’ve only come to downright despise this show nowadays every bit as much as I do Chuck Lorre’s other “masterpieces,” How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. I’m sorry, but despite how many people out there LOVE Chuck Lorre’s work, the guy clearly has shown little care for character development or even rational human behavior in this disgustingly overrated train wreck of a sitcom. I used to at least tolerate all of the characters in the beginning, too, but now, I’ve grown sick of every single last one of them, minus poor Lucy here. Don’t even get me started, either, on the fanboys and fangirls of this show who verbally assault anyone who dares to voice any sort of negative opinion against this sitcom. They’ll only come slithering out of the woodwork just to verbally assault such people with one excuse after another on why this show is “good” and ridicule the person for actually having a brain that functions properly enough to allow him/her to think for himself/herself. They’re as bad as any diehard Twilight, Sonic the Hedgehog, Jonas Brothers, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan ever to pop up on the Internet, and they end up making the rest of the fanbase look to be as ignorant and obnoxious as they are on account of their behavior.

    Good riddance, Big Bang theory. You should have ended after your third season, even if only in my opinion.

    1. kellisina Post author

      Tell me about it. I got so much hate on my tumblr shortly after posting my blog about Sheldons asexuality. I used to watch the show religiously, but I have to force myself not to watch now since it just upsets me so much :/

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