“Don’t risk dude-ness”

If you haven’t seen the latest Veet adverts for hair removal cream let me set the scene for you. Like most advert, it involves a women in bed with a man. The woman gets up and dresses in his shirt. The voice-over then states; “There are some things of a man that look good on a woman. Stubble isn’t one of them.”

Now, there are many things wrong with this. The first of which being the suggestion that having body hair is something which happens only to men. As any women will tell you; this is bullshit. And the advertising strategy is essentially shaming women for growing hair. Something which they don’t have any control over.

It’s difficult to remember that compulsive shaving is relatively recent. The need to shave has pretty much directly correlated with the rising hemlines of women’s clothes and the desire to remove the hair that has subsequently been put on display. And ever since then hair removal companies have made a killing by making women feel bad about their body hair.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with women who want to shave religiously. But I do hate companies who profit by diminishing women’s self-esteem.

Here’s another advert that I found by the same company:

Just…. no.

Tangentially, adverts which show women shaving don’t even show hairy legs. Their products just glide across perfectly shaven limbs. As though female body hair was such a taboo that they can’t even show it on TV.

I don’t really have a big overarching point to this. I just wanted to rant about something which annoyed me. Let me know what you guys think of these adverts. Creative advertising or undue body shaming?


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