Barney Stinson: The Rapist

Barney Stinson is an odd character. Despite how often he tricks women into sleeping with him. He’s still depicted as being a good guy. He may be morally abhorrent, but it’s just a phase that he went thought which was cured by him having a child in the last episode. There are quite a few instances where the women in their friendship group (Lily in particular) voice their disgust with his actions, but on the whole he’s treated as being a close friend. This means that the viewers see him as being a character worthy of both sympathy and admiration. It also means that the writers are free to treat his abuse of women as a joke, and just another punchline in the script.

The problem is that in the majority of Barney’s one night stands, the women have never given their full, informed consent.

This is called “rape by deception”. The perpetrator has the victim’s consent but gains it through deception or fraudulent statements and/or actions. This crime is also known as “rape by fraud” “rape by impersonation” or “rape by trickery”.

Barney Stinson is essentially the TV equivalent of Robin Thicke. He thinks that consent is flexible and that if the women says yes, then he has their full permission. But these women aren’t saying yes to him, they’re saying yes to whoever he’s pretending to be.

Ergo: Barney Stinson is technically a rapist and I have to add How I Met Your Mother to the list of TV shows I can’t watch anymore.


2 thoughts on “Barney Stinson: The Rapist

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