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Zodiac Guide: Find your inner and secret animals

Happy New Year! As most of you will know already, today is the lunar New Year and the start of the Chinese year of the ram (sheep/goat). In case you’re wondering about the confusion over which animal the year is named after, it’s to do with the translation. The Chinese symbol 羊 can mean ram, sheep or goat, so any of the translations is correct.

Most people have a pretty good understanding of how the zodiac years work. if you’re not sure which zodiac animal you are, check out this travel site . You can pick your date of birth in the drop down boxes and it’ll generate your zodiac sign for you.

What I didn’t realise before I did a bit of research is that you don’t just have one animal, you have four. One for the year you were born, one for the lunar month (called your inner animal), one for the day (called true animals) and another for the hour (which are called secret animals). Essentially, if it can be split into an increment of twelve, then you have a separate sign for it.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a convertor for the day breakdown, but I do have guide for the month and the hour.

Here’s a quick guide for the lunar months:
The year is divided into 24 two week solar terms and each animal is linked to two of these solar terms.

Tiger- February 4 to February 18 and February 19 to March 5
Rabbit- March 6 to March 20 and March 21 to April 4
Dragon- April 5 to April 19 and April 20 to May 4
Snake- May 5 to May 20 and May 21 to June 5
Horse- June 6 to June 20 and June 21 to July 6
Goat- July 7 to 22 and July 23 to August 6
Monkey- August 7 to August 22 and August 23 to September 7
Rooster- September 8 to September 22 and September 23 to October 7
Dog- October 8 to October 22 and October 23 to November 6
Pig- November 7 to November 21 and November 22 to December 6
Rat- December 7 to December 21 and December 22 to January 5
Ox- January 6 to January 19 and January 2 to February 3

The zodiac also represent times of the day, with 24 hours being divided into 2 hour periods represented by each animal.

Rat- 23:00 – 00:59
Ox- 01:00 – 02:59
Tiger- 03:00 – 04:59
Rabbit- 05:00 – 06:59
Dragon- 07:00 – 08:59
Snake- 09:00 – 10:59
Horse- 11:00 – 12:59
Goat- 13:00 – 14:59
Monkey- 15:00 – 16:59
Rooster- 17:00 – 18:59
Dog- 19:00 – 20:59
Pig- 21:00 – 22:59

(The times are based on Beijing CST which is apparently pretty hard to convert into different time zones)

So for example. I was born in 1993 which makes me a Rooster. I was born in February which makes me a tiger and I was born about 9:30am which (without conversion into Greenwich mean time) makes me a snake.

So that’s all for now. Let me know what your animals are in the comments and please let me know if any of the information in this post needs to be corrected (especially if you know how to convert the days into the zodiac, I’d love to know!)
Happy New Year folks!

The Doctors Slipping Asexuality

If you’ve read my post about asexuals in the media, then you’ll know how strongly I feel about the importance of there being asexual characters in the media. You’ll also know how few of them there are, the main three being Sherlock Holmes, Sheldon Cooper (from the big bang theory) and the Doctor.
So it probably doesn’t shock you to find out that when Moffat announced that the Doctor engaged in premarital sex with Queen Elizabeth, I was pretty annoyed about it.

The Doctor has had children in the past (he occasionally mentions his Time Lord family) however, the Doctor has historically never shown interest in having sex with humans, and therefore could be considered as being an asexual character.

This level of plot twist is like if Sheldon Cooper had sex with his girlfriend (something which the writers constantly hint at despite the fact the Sheldon openly states that he’s disgusted by the idea of sexual acts. That’s not how you do character development, that’s how you do erasure of different sexualities). However, it wasn’t even written into the show. In an interview with the Dr Who magazine, Moffat reportedly said: ‘I said the marriage was unconsummated – and so it was. You saw for yourself in The Day of the Doctor – he ran straight off after the ceremony. Would we have put that on television if it wasn’t true? But I never said – not once, not ever – that the relationship was unconsummated!’

For a character uninterested in sex, it seems like something like this should be addressed in the show, not a passing comment in an interview. It’s like Dumbledores sexuality not factoring in the books but being mentioned by JK Rowling afterwards.

People from minority sexualities need to see representation so that their own sexuality can be validated. As an asexual, the idea that even characters like the Doctor will eventually come around and conduct in “normal” sexual activity is pretty offensive. It’s a bit like how now the Master is female the Doctor can suddenly have a relationship with her. Strange that.