Daily Prompt:

Fictional Intruder

The Names The Thing

Anime and non-Disney animation:

Nostalgia Time: We’re Back; A Dinosaur Story

Nostalgia Time: Cat’s Don’t Dance

Old vs New: Fullmetal Alchemist

Gender Equality in FMA: Military Women

Gender Equality in FMA: Civilian Women

Old vs New: Alvin and the Chipmunks

Top Five Animated Sibling Relationships

The Best Non-Disney Villain Songs


Why I Will Never Be Too Old For Disney

A Guide to the Plot Holes in Beauty and the Beast

A Guide to the Mistakes of Disneys’ Hercules

Top Eight Disney Sequels

Disney’s Non-Princess Heroines

Top Five Animated Sibling Relationships

Toy Story of Terror: Review


Did we really need Tauriel?

Book Vs Film: Interview with the Vampire

Book Vs Film: Queen of the Damned

The Top Three Prequels to the Wizard of OZ

The Muppets Wizard of Oz Review

Resident Evil: Female Costumes

Resident Evil and Representation

Harry Potter: 

Harry Potter: Important Quotes

The Symbolism Behind the Marauders

The Power of Fanfiction

House Symbolism and Rivalry

Comic Books:

Issues with Super-heroine Costumes

Why it sucks to be a female comic book fan: Clothing

Panopticism in Comic Books


Asexuality in Popular Media- Sherlock, Dr Who and Big Bang Theory

The Doctors Slipping Asexuality

 Big Bang Theory: Social Anxiety

Big Bang Theory: Autism

Don’t Risk Dude-ness– Veets marketing strategy

Barney Stinson: The Rapist

The Mindy Project: Prude and Slut Shaming


Robin Thicke- Number one in the Download Charts

1D’s Night Changed- You’re Not That Girl


A Comparison of American Gods and Percy Jackson: Western Adaptions of Ancient Gods


Badass Ballet

Can You Hit a Girl? – My experiences of martial arts

Sex and Sexuality: 

A Demon Tells Me To Not Have Sex

Asexuality in Popular Media- Sherlock, Dr Who and Big Bang Theory

Feminist Issues:

Why Are Men so Afraid of Periods?

The Dangers of Wearing a Skirt

Don’t Risk Dude-ness– Veets marketing strategy

How Internet Admiration Can Ruin Womens Careers


Deaf Awareness – The Cochlear Implant

Tricks to Coping with Raynauds Phenomenon

What to Expect at Graduation

Zodiac Guide


Plenty of Fish? – Aka: I suck at online dating

How Do People Find This Blog…? 

On ‘Dying Alone’


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